Retention: Key Mindsets that Retain Top Talent


Successful employers must have a laser-like focus on attracting and retaining exceptional employees.  To run a successful enterprise, be it a non-profit charity, an educational entity, or a business, you have to provide a great product or service that people want. And to do that, you have to have great employees who buy into your values, your mission, your corporate culture.  This book will provide you with practical, proven, easy-to-implement practices and strategies to help you improve employee satisfaction which leads to higher productivity, lower turnover and a stronger bottom line!

Discover the four mindsets that employees have about where they work: Insignificant, Temporary, Exclusive, and Career Company. Then learn how to create a culture that moves your employees to think of your organization in the top mindset – A Career Company! The secret is employee engagement.  Get ready to create an effective Retention Architecture that includes a top talent acquisition plan, a leadership development plan…and more. Get ready to grow into a company employees love to work for…one that Achieves, Acquires, and Keep Top Talent!



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